Protection of property
Protection of people


Produits / Services


Protection of property


It controls and filters pedestrians and vehicles entering and exiting the site in order to count flows and to track the number of people present at the site in real time. Security levels are defined by the choice of physical obstacles (one-way turnstiles, tripods, barriers, gates), filtering of entries / exits is done through personalization of badges and/or other technologies (swipe badge readers, biometric and vein readers, digicodes...).


In addition to function as a deterrent, video surveillance:

  • Removes doubt.
  • Lets you authenticate and identify people and objects.
  • Helps you to understand how events unfolded.

Combined with image analysis, it also aids in the detection of fire outbreaks and malicious actions, particularly around perimeters.



While access control and CCTV are used to manage incoming and outgoing flows, anti-intrusion protects your site against malicious actions.

Two major families of anti-intrusion systems:

  • Internal protection (motion detection and door control),
  • Protection of outdoor spaces and perimeters.


Protection of people


Implementation of fire safety systems (conventional or addressable) and systems for securing buildings and establishments.



Implementation of alarm devices for isolated workers according to CNAM recommendation No. R416 concerning:

  • Manually-operated alarms,
  • Automatic alarms (loss of verticality, mobility, automatic standby, positive security).


All data can be processed by radio links, WIFI, optical fibre, copper and coaxial cables.

  • Supervision
  • Centralised technical management
  • Technical management of the building
  • Remote energy monitoring (electricity, heating, water, gas, other fluids...)
  • Multi-energy optimization and efficiency

Services / Maintenance / Customer Care

We provide the following services for all solutions and technologies we deploy:

  • Advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • On-site audits (reflectometry and fusion of all types of media (optical, copper and coaxial fibre))
  • Engineering and design studies
  • Multi-technology integration (existing and future)
  • Investment budgets and quotes
  • Project management and operations management
  • Implementation, installation and monitoring of work
  • Training
  • Delivery and full acceptance of installations

All these services enable us to provide you with comprehensive offers with a commitment to results:

  • Definition of needs
  • Conception / execution
  • Financial arrangements
  • Maintenance / full guarantee


The maintenance and upkeep of your installations is essential to ensure your systems last a long time. All facilities we install are covered by a maintenance contract. Whether our installations or your own, our contracts include:

  • Inventory analysis and audit / maintenance plan preparation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Conditional maintenance
  • Software maintenance (updates)
  • Monitoring and upgrade of your inventory
  • Testing of your networks using a reflectometric system/li>
  • Diagnostics and localization of faults on your networks (optical fibre, coaxial, and copper by reflectometry)
  • Remote maintenance
  • Possible penalty payments
  • Yearly reports and statements on the equipment under maintenance